26.The Bond of Love, Shack, Etc

You mean there is a third person in the Trinity? The Holy Spirit isn’t just a force?

In this episode, Jesse and Tony discuss the systematic discipline of Pneumatology, particularly the procession of the Spirit from the Father (and Son?)

Also, they discuss the many reasons why the Shack is complete heretical garbage.


Episode 10 – Creator of Heaven and Earth… And Truffles
Episode 14 – Your Least Heretical Life Now
The Triune God (New Studies in Dogmatics) – Fred Sanders
The Holy Spirit (New Studies in Dogmatics) – Christopher Holmes
The Holy Spirit (Contours of Christian Theology) – Sinclair Ferguson
Who is the Holy Spirit? (Crucial Questions) – RC Sproul
Westminster Seminary California Faculty Conference: The Lord and Giver of Life


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  1. Hello, I stumbled across your podcast and have really been enjoying it. As you seem open to having guests on the podcast, I would be interested to hear inter-faith debates. Dogma Debate is a a platform that interacts with Believers in the form of debate on foundational Christian beliefs. I think you would be great guests on it as you seek to share your beliefs and perspectives. Your academic and logical approach would be much appreciated in such a debate.


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