TRB47.The Eternal Functional Subordination Controversy

The Eternal Submission of the Son, Eternal Functional Submission, or Eternal Relationships of Authority and Submission position is a major problem that has been facing the Church for decades. Figures like Bruce Ware, Wayne Grudem, and Doug Wilson have been teaching this and propagating this dangerous theology for years. Last summer it came to a head, and the controversy died down, but it was not resolved.

This week Jesse and Tony discuss the topic, why it is wrong, and call to our listeners to go back to Scripture and let the history of interpretation be our guide.


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5 thoughts on “TRB47.The Eternal Functional Subordination Controversy

  1. I think you guys need to address the Covenant of Redemption and how some aspects of the Son of God’s compliance in the Pactum Salutis began before creation and His temporal existence as Christ, the God-man. The eternal nature of God’s creational power and ability seem to subsume some aspect of the function of the Son as in compliance with His mission, pre-incarnation. Many (perhaps most) Reformers acknowledged such.

    This is not to give an ounce of credence to anything the Ware or Grudem have taught about ESS, but it is to say that there is a distinction between the heretical nature of Eternal Subordination of the Son and a Functional Submission of the Son that began in eternity (ie, Ephesians 1). The latter, though debatable, belongs to orthodox teachers, whilst the former is rubbish which we should be clear and focused about.
    Thanks guys.
    Jay R.

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