TRB48.Ordo Saludis

This week on the show, Jesse and Tony discuss the order of salvation and how variation in this order is one of the major differences between Christian traditions.


3 thoughts on “TRB48.Ordo Saludis

  1. Loving the podcast, fellas; keep up the good work!

    I have a slight disagreement about your order, though. You say the call is first, and then regeneration. How can we even hear the call if we are not first regenerated? We are dead in our sins, and dead folk aren’t especially gifted in the hearing department.

    Yes? No?


    1. The outward call of the Gospel is the means by which the Spirit creates faith, while the inward call of the Spirit is what makes the outward call effectual.

      These probably happen contemporaneously, but logically the internal call must precede regeneration or God is regenerating those whom he has not called. Instead, it is that inward call that brings about regeneration.

      Thanks for the question!

      – Tony

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