TRB79.The Problem of Evil

Jesse and Tony get a little philosophical. Join us as we discuss the so-called problem of evil, and how it really is only a problem for those with a godless worldview.


TRB78.EFS Retrospective (feat. Todd Pruitt)

This week, Tony is joined by Todd Pruitt. Todd is a blogger and podcaster for Mortification of Spin. It was on a MOS blog that Liam Goligher really kicked off the EFS controversy Resources: Highlights on the Trinity Debate Is it Okay to Teach a Complementarianism Based on Eternal Subordination? - Liam Goligher Reinventing God … Continue reading TRB78.EFS Retrospective (feat. Todd Pruitt)

TRB76.Ash Wednesday

Tony and Jesse discuss Ash Wednesday, and why Christian's ought not to observe it. Visit us at | Call us at 607-444-2767 | email us at Resources Ash Wednesday: Picking and Choosing Our Piety - Carl Trueman